Building Wholistic Community through Sangha

What is Sangha?

The sanskrit term is used to communicate the meaning of...

  • Community

  • Family

  • Kin

  • Fellowship

  • Connection

Your sangha is the group of folks who’s companionship and presence reflects, validates and supports your truest values. Your sangha members tend to cross your path again and again, as you travel along your soul’s journey. Sangha is the community with whom you feel the most at home. Think, who is coming to mind right now? Is it a person, an animal, a tree or other species. Is there rather a void when your mind attempts to summon this concept? Wherever you are on your journey of finding community, don’t be afraid.

Photo by  Mariam Soliman .

Photo by Mariam Soliman.

In this day and age of mass disconnect, seekers of peace and balance at times struggle to maintain engagement with their community. Our soul tribes have been dispersed and we seek to reconnect. Social media spaces and online groups can provide a sense of support and fleeting bursts of interconnectedness, but what’s more innate and resonant now is connecting locally and regionally face to face, human being to human being. Without wholesome human connection with those who let our souls feel most at home, we get carried away by the waves of mainstream domesticated human society.

Photo by  Mariam Soliman .

Photo by Mariam Soliman.

Uniting is only possible after being taken apart

Imagine a fire burning brightly, an ember flies off in the winds of change and lands on the ground. It burns out...unless rejoined with it's fellow embers, coals, and flame.

Have you been swept away from your fire? Do you seek to re-unite with those who's vibrations resonate deeply with the vibrations of your own core? Do you feel called to seek those light beings who’s values simply click with yours? Listen intently, if your inner voice is calling for you to find these connections. This intuitive voice tends to guides us to greater understanding of self and healthier, balanced and peaceful relationships.

Benefits of building community

Intuitive drive to seek protection is rising. As paradigms shift in, on, and around Planet Earth, and all life within her, feelings of instability and chaos are increasing. With severe weather and climate evolution, forecasts of massive floods, fires, and unknown changes of water and air quality, our collective stress response system is over-activating. We need now more than ever to ground our energy. This is not something that can be done alone. Humans are programmed as social beings as collective consciousness swirls within us. We can only ensure our most basic needs are met through collaborative effort. Contemporary sense of independence and survival is skewed and being tested, and now more than ever we need to unite and reclaim healthy, supportive connections in order to stabilize and ground. For all life on Earth to thrive; mentally emotionally and physically, we must rebuild positive relationships whether they be human, plant, animal or elemental.

Finding support

During these unstable times of change, remember; from destruction creation is born. You are coming into your true self as you emerge from the chaos. Keep pushing the process of self actualization. Try something new. Seek knowledge. Take up a yoga, Reiki or meditation class, find your sangha, attend wholistic community gatherings, build your truth one day and one connection at a time. Inevitably, and as intended, you will connect to those people you are meant to find.

When we invite openness into our life, and go with the flow, our attitudes shift toward higher vibrations, enabling us to release patterns and connections which no longer serve our journey, to create space for that which will.

Photo by  Jed Villejo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash


Written by: Cristina Ortiz, Founder, Create QuanYin Institute

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