Mixed Level Meditation Class
6:15 PM18:15

Mixed Level Meditation Class

  • First Baptist Church White Plains-Wilson House (map)
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Take a deep breath in…yes now…and exhale. How do you feel? Meditation is all about the breath, stress relief and finding your inner truth.

This meditation class, guided by Jessica Fumasoli, will feature a movement sequence and a 40-45 guided meditation to help release tension, clear the mind, connect to the calm and peace within.  We practice to express our gratitude for the present moment. 

Please bring a mat, blanket, or cushion for sessions.

Suggested donations of $20-25 are greatly appreciated.

No one will be turned away from this meditation class for lack of funds, so please reach out to discuss tuition waivers and barter options at createquanyin@gmail.com

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Holistic Network Gathering
6:30 PM18:30

Holistic Network Gathering

This educational lecture is great for anyone new or seasoned in astrology, psychotherapy and/or the wholistic community at large!

Learn about:

The Marriage of Psychotherapy & Astrology: A match literally made in ‘Heaven.’

Come discover & understand how natal astrological factors can identify and highlight issues and strengths that clients bring to seeking Psychotherapy & Counseling services. Come also to understand how these ‘universe granted energy potentialities’ can be used to validate client experiences, and empower & open up new life possibilities that are in synch with native energy proclivities and more inherently fulfilling. 

This lecture will provide an overview of astrological factors (i.e. signs, planets, aspects) and present and discuss anecdotal experiences of work with clients that illustrate the Astrological & Counseling principles employed by Mr. Ellis and Ms. Pluhar in providing professional services to clients in their respective practices.

About the Presenters:

Alan Ellis, LCSW is an intuitive Astrologer, Psychotherapist & Coach in White Plains. A long-time Astrologer and Buddhist practitioner, Alan integrates Astrological, Psychodynamic and Coaching principles in his work with clients. Alan helps facilitate individual RePotentializationby identifying potentialities revealed by natal astrological data, and engaging clients in the process of opening their lives to effectively use and integrate these 'natural resources' for enhanced life fulfillment and spiritual development.

Madeleine Pluhar LICSW

With over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist for adults, Madeleine has enjoyed working across gender identifications, cultural diversity and sexual orientations. She incorporates astrology to validate your soul journey, as an individual or couple, and empower you to change. Her goal is that each session causes movement in your life, ensuring the transformation you are seeking.

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Astrology and the 2018 Election
6:30 PM18:30

Astrology and the 2018 Election

Networking starts 6:30
Formal meeting at 7 PM 

We're at a historical turning point in American democracy - a time when women candidates and voters are taking leadership roles. 

Come and hear what astrologers Jenni Stone and Pamela Cucinell have to say about the cosmic timing of this November's election.

Will the Venus retrograde affect the turnout?
Will Uranus, symbolic of change and revolution, produce more surprises?
Is Pluto (symbolic of power and irrevocable transformation) helping us to fight autocrat leadership and the authority of oppressors?

Tickets: $0-$10

Astrology has answers:
- it helped Julius Caesar to win battles
- Walt Disney to launch his theme parks
- Reagan to become the Teflon President
- Benjamin Franklin to choose the date of inauguration for the United States 
- and J.P, Morgan to build a financial empire.

About the Presenters: 
More about Pamela Cucinell at InsightOasis.com

Jenni Stone can be found at her Facebook page Jenni Stone Astrology

Moderated by Cathy Lipsky of IxChel Center and Cristina Ortiz from Create QuanYin Institute

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Autumn Equinox Kirtan & Chanting
5:00 PM17:00

Autumn Equinox Kirtan & Chanting

Join together to lift up your voice and connect to the change of season. Create QuanYin Institute is offering our first Kirtan & Chant gathering in honor of the Autumn Equinox.

Chants will be led in sanskrit and english by Michelle Levy of Windcatchers, Nada Khader a chanting practitioner, and CQY Founder Cristina Ortiz.  Once our voices are warmed up we will experience Ananda Marga Kirtana and end with a creative closing. 

Proceeds of the Equinox gathering support Create QuanYin Institute's start up program offerings for high risk individuals and families in need. 

The exchange for this offering is on a sliding scale. All are welcome to attend and no one is turned away for lack of money. Early registration at the link below is greatly appreciated. 

The event will be held at WESPAC  77 Tarrytown Road in White Plains, through the upper level parking lot.  


Register online through paypal:

Exhange Amounts

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Westchester Holistic Network: September Meeting
6:30 PM18:30

Westchester Holistic Network: September Meeting

The Magic that is in all of us
A practical approach to Spirituality: Reiki Fusion

Tuesday September 11:
Networking starts 6:30
Formal meeting at 7 PM

We invite you to enter into the world of energy healing and journeying. In a circle of welcomingwe will learn about Energy Healing: What are the Chakras and the Auric Field? You will be guided to discover the condition of your energy centers and auric field, through the use of a pendulum (which is a free gift for you.)

You have the option of receiving activation of your hands for self-healing and for sharing with others.

We will demonstrate what an energy diagnosis is, and how to then clear, cleanse and energize areas of your energy body.

There will also be a demonstration of the Journeying part of Reiki Fusion. A meditation with music and the use of a crystal singing bowl will invite the movement of consciousness to a deeper state where, as in a waking dream, you may access wisdom that was in you all along.

You will receive handouts about the nature of Chakras and another about levels of consciousness. You will take away practical, invaluable skills to integrate into your daily life for balance, clarity and elevation of Spirit.

About the Presenter: 
Cynthia M Chase, MSW, LCSW has been a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for almost 40 years and a Reiki Master for more than a decade. Trained in the Usui method of Reiki she has attuned dozens of students to Master level. She also teaches Crystal Grid workshops and has offered many creative seaside Retreats on Spirituality, Women’s Health and Empowerment.

She has founded an integrative practice called Reiki Fusion ™which unites Eastern and Western thought and practice. The practice combines Reiki Energy Healing and the Shamanic practices of journeying – with the clients themselves travelling inward for deep healing.

Cynthia is a published author and her work has been featured on television and in newspapers. She has created numerous short films about her near death experience, meditations, journeying and Reiki Fusion. She is founder of a cosmetics company called Crystal Fusion Cosmetics which incorporates organic natural ingredients infused with Reiki energy and including a crystal in each product.

* Participants will be offered a cleansing/smudging with Nag Champa incense (Tibetan incense) during the network period from 6:30 to 7 PM.

Register Early on Eventbrite:



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3:30 PM15:30

Wholistic Peace Forum

Community advocates, wholistic practitioners, teachers, healers & seekers of all ages! Please join us express your voice on community issues, and best practices for bringing healing and resilience to our local community.

Join us at a collaborative monthly meeting to build bridges between healing arts and social activism.

Exchange: Free participation or donations accepted as you feel called.

Contact: createquanyin@gmail.com

Location: Ixchel Center, 42 Wilson Street, Hartsdale.

Parking: Parking Lot entrance is on CENTRAL AVENUE, right next to Fantasy Cuisine 20 N Central Ave, Hartsdale OR metered street parking.

Public Transit: To Hartsdale train station

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