Through collaboration we can make change on a grand scale, one small corner of the world at a time.

Choose a chakra to donate a fixed amount.  Select karma to donate any other amount. Please remember to bless your monetary energy with positive intention to maximize your impact!

With Gratitude for your Support & Energy,

-The CQY Sangha

Your solidarity is an integral ingredient of our mission.

Your solidarity is an integral ingredient of our mission.


$27 - Muladhara

Root Chakra:

Muladhara is your connection to Earth. It is your base of support, your foundation. Create QuanYin Institute seeks to build that sense of support within the wholistic cultural community. CQY was founded on the value of support and grounding. We believe that just like any safe yoga posture, a solid organization must also root into it’s base of support. Some costs that make up the base of support of CQY are general insurance, accounting and overhead. Community service projects rely on these framework costs for support and can’t happen without covering them!

$54 - Svadhisthana

Sacral Chakra:

The svadhisthana, Dantien, or Hara is the creative core, our center. Without authentic core alignment and strength extension is difficult. Help us strengthen our core! Some Core Costs central to programming will include communication like phone and internet bills and program supplies!

$72 - Manipura

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Manipura energy is about balancing power. What is the best way to empower the holistic way of life and empower the communities we wish to serve? We must invest in those who are doing the work, we must develop strong frameworks and programs. We must do fundraising and gain support through outreach and marketing.

$108 - AnahatA

Heart Chakra:

Imagine green bright light like sunlight on the tree tops filling up your heart center. This is the Anahata chakra. All Create QuanYin Institute’s offerings are heart centered. We work to connect to the intrinsic light and teacher that dwells within the heart. Activate your Anahata with a wholehearted contribution that will help tune others into theirs. A donation of this amount can help to partially fund a workshop or class session for people in need.

$333 - Vishuddha

Throat Chakra:
Vishuddha is all about communication, listening an expression. Voice is amongst the greatest human asset, and we strive to help high needs seekerss tune into the voice of yoga, wholistic and healing arts. We envision community based certificate programs. Certification courses  are designed and facilitated in a way that promotes the passing on of teachings, reinforced by communication and practice by professionally trained and certified educators. Donate toward certification and professional development training for students and teachers of wholistic practices and healing arts. Passing on of teachigns in integral in being a positive impact in the world.

$630 - Ajna

Third Eye Chakra :
Create QuanYin Institute's community service programs and projects are impossible without visionary thinking, intuition and wholehearted dedication. Like the bodhisattva QuanYin, we keep our eyes and ears open and step in whenever we can to support other nonprofit groups and in need communities who come forth asking for program support and wholistic services. They usually ask for Yoga or meditation, and more often than not don’t have a budget to support the work, or they come short of the full cost of covering a safe and effective program. Help us strengthen partnerships with Ajna contribution.

$1,008 - Sahasrara

The Crown Chakra:
Be a part of our greatest goal. Donate to help us build a communal home for healing arts at the center of Westchester County.  Project 108 is our effort to procure a physical property to build a holistic learning and healing institute where wholistic practices come together for the benefit of all. Imagine the crossbreed of a modern-day Nalanda University, or a fabulous Urban Ashram existing right here in Westchester! A donation of $1,008 will support this project and help bring it into reality. 

Any Other Amount by Check - Karma-

The practice of balancing Karmic Debt by bestowing offerings onto dharma teachers or gurus and their sanctuaries is as deeply rooted in tradition as spiritual practice itself. At Create QuanYin, career yogis and practitioners have chosen the path of service and gain a deep sense of spiritual gratification through their work, yet we still need to support our basic needs with monetary currency. As the ancient masters received food, shelter and clothing from their communities we seek support in any amount that calls to you. Know that your redirection of funds is part of global efforts toward balancing karmic debt on personal and cosmic levels.

Online donations for Create QuanYin Institute are collected through PayPal. Credit and debit cards are accepted even if you don't have a PayPal account.  Donations by check are also welcomed and can be sent directly to us at our mailing address below. 

Create QuanYin Institute
456 North Street
White Plains, NY 10605